Dip your toes in new adventures & ice cold glacier water

That feeling. Of having the head in the clouds. And both feet on the ground. Of dipping your toes in new adventures. And ice cold glacier water. Of wanderlust. And mountains views.

SUP Yoga at lake Windgfällweiher​

Out of the office. Into the body

Inspired by the Black Forest and the beautiful surroundings of lake Windgfällweiher, four vinyasa based SUP yoga classes prepare your body and mind with everything you need for a good day in the mountains:

A combination of power and chill flows will strengthen your body and increase your range of motion and flexibility.

Let’s get out of the office and into the body!

The mountains series - summer 2021

the mountains are calling

Sitting all day? This powerful flow gets you out of the office and into your body. We’ll work on hip flexibility as we open and strengthen the hips and release tension in this area. You’ll leave this class feeling energised and creative, ready to explore what nature has to offer.

sing it from the summit

Tap into the power of expressing yourself fully with this smooth chest opening class. We’ll work on stretching the shoulders and open the front body before we move into soft backbends. You’ll leave this class with an increased range of motion in your back body and shoulders, ready to yodel your truth from the summit.

and into the forest I go

Never skip a leg day, they say. This strong flow focuses on building your foundation. We’ll tone your legs, calves and quads and ultimately improve your balance. You’ll leave this class feeling grounded and stabil, ready to return to base camp safe and sound.

follow your north node

Awaken your gut feeling and intuition. This sequence moves at a slower pace as we work through forward folds and hamstring stretches with our eyes closed. You’ll leave this class with improved body awareness and back body flexibility, ready to follow your own inner compass.

Manifesting at moonlight

Moving closer to your dreams

To tune into the unique experience of practicing outdoors on a SUP, each yoga class is scheduled around a Full or New Moon.

Moving with awareness on these days will supercharge the energy that comes with the moon and ultimately bring you closer to manifest your dreams. Those of mountains and freedom.

Sounds a bit cuckoo? Welcome to the Black Forest where we flow on water and into the Wald.


90 min. (incl. SUP board, paddle + lycra)

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I’ll keep you posted on SUP yoga classes & dates during the season.

Don’t wait too long. We can only host 7 people on our yoga island.