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I wanted to get back to that flow state of mind. Where things happen naturally.

I didn’t plan any of this. Saying buhbye to everything office-like. Spending the winter in the mountains as a ski instructor. Teaching people how to flow on SUPs. Becoming a yoga instructor. Moving countries. None of this was my plan. 

I just had enough of “temporarily closed roads”, postponed plans and cancelled dates. So, I threw the ball up in the air. To see where it lands. That day something began to flow.

Dealing with detours -- in a cool way

When life doesn’t go as planned, plan less

That sound nuts? Maybe. But so is trying harder when you’re stuck. Nothing ever good came out of trying too hard. No job. No relationship. And yes, most certainly no poop.

I know you can relate. Remember to the time you thought you’ve landed your dream job? But soon after, you figure, they hired you to be the hustler not the hipster of the startup — chronically overworked and underpaid.

And all of the sudden you find yourself saving memes-that-make-you-feel-better-about-hating-your-job on your iPhone.

In Of Detours & Dreams, my members only newsletter, you’ll get my take on how to deal with detours — in a cool way.

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Designed to embrace roadblocks and bumps

That’s right. You can go and be frustrated about life. Or. You can become a roadie and get inspired to flow through life

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Supporting the CAMH Sunrise Challenge

The best part?

I donate 10% of all sales in May and June to Team Sweat Suits and Scrunchies as part of the CAMH Sunrise Challenge. Here’s why:

The past year has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. But women have consistently reported significantly higher rates of anxiety and depression throughout the pandemic due to workplace pressures or job loss, the demands of unpaid caregiving, domestic violence, and other socio-economic inequalities related to gender.

Sweat Suits and Scrunchies is a team of women (incl. my dear friend Laura) committed to raising awareness and funds for mental health programs and research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) that best serve all humans. 

Go here, to join CAMH’s fun(d) Sunrise Challenge without subscribing to Of Detours & Dreams

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