a monologue between me, myself & I

Monthly column where I ditch the "what’s-in-it-for-you"

so I can Marie Kondo my brain and flush old habits down the toilet

My brain immediately goes Ugh, not again (incl. rolling eyes), when New Year’s comes around and everybody’s like “Let’s set goals!”.

Every year. Except for last year.

Instead of making promises that I wouldn’t keep. I played the “The first 4 words you see will define your 2021” word-search-game.

Looking for a way to track the process, I created of detours & dreamsa monthly column where I brain dump my thoughts and declutter upstairs.

To find a sense of klæriti — without losing the fun.

#NOV21 column

in the latest issue

35 -- broke. desperate. depressed

How a 5-minute Spongebob clip cured 6 years of stuckness

I had it all written down. Prologue-Main-Epilogue. Or so I thought. ‘Cause after 177 words I got stuck.

Started googling Spongebob and Squidward quotes for hours. Hoping to find a clever bridge to connect a 5-minute clip to what I was feeling that day.

And in between staring at the blinking cursor on a white page and out the window over the snow-covered slope. It hit me. I wasn’t stuck in intro. I was stuck in past…


Why would I pay for that?

If you’re anything like my friends, you probably think “what’s in it for me?”

Well, you’re right. There’s absolutely nothing in it for you.

of detours & dreams are letters from me to me. Neither particularly smart nor profoundly deep.

Designed to make journaling more creative & fun — for me.

To figure out what I think by writing it down. To see if I’m hot on the trails of moving towards creation, gratitude, power and change — detours included.

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#Nov21 column

35 — broke. desperate. depressed

How a 5-minute Spongebob clip cured 6 years of stuckness


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When? Dunno.

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I donated 10% of all sales in May and June to Team Sweat Suits and Scrunchies as part of the CAMH Sunrise Challenge

Sweat Suits and Scrunchies is a team of women (incl. my dear friend Laura) committed to raising awareness and funds for mental health programs and research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) that best serve all humans.

Total raised ($300)


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