aha moments & I that brought me (to) a sense of klæriti

Hi. I'm Nele.

I own “this place”. As well as a well-chosen collection of aha moments, detours and oops!es that brought me (to) a sense of klæriti.

What is this place?

klæriti equals power

To make it clear right away: “this” is not a blog. I don’t write blog posts. Not about food. Or fitness. Or fashion. I write emailsAbout clarity.

Or rather the very fun way to get there (hint: you gotta love them oops!ses).

Clarity equals power

All too often we give that power away. Because we don’t know. If we want that relationship. Or this job. That lifestyle. Or this pair of sneakers. And on top we let outer circumstances dictate our inner world. 

Back to me:

I wasn’t really loving my outer world. But because life’s too short to not be in love. I decided to change what I saw. I had enough of “temporarily closed roads”, postponed meetings and cancelled dates. Of trying too hard. Of waiting. 

Nothing ever got created from waiting

Instead, I threw the ball up in the air to see where it lands. And so the fun began. I fell in love. With aha moments. And detours.

Got clear, got “here”, got closer to my dreams (+ a new pair of shoes).

“This” is an emails only place. So that, when I’m not “here” (read: in your inbox). I can go skiing. Or surfing. Or do yoga. Or yoga on surfboards.

If you want to flow but feel stuck, “this” might be your place.

How I got (to) a sense of klæriti

It’s always a bit awkward to meet new people. To be the one who starts the conversations. Lucky you, your fellow subscribers have paved the way. Below you’ll find my Top 5 “Never have I ever” questions. To break the ice between you and me.

Read it as a chronological timeline of how I got from fuck to luck.

I have. In 2019 when I was working as Brand & Marketing strategist for a Danish company.

How to get over it? Take your bruised ego, fly to the Swiss Alps. Ride the Stoneman with your brothers. Get even more bruisers from falling off your MTB. Have a good cry. Put a thick layer of healing balm on all spots. Laugh at the fact that it’s the detours that bring you to the best views. Take a photo. Turn the page.

I have. I said buhbye to everything office-like and became a snow pirate. So that’s what I do for a living, now.

I have. When the last guests are gone and we sit around the bonfire at lake Windgfällweiher, many campfire stories have been told.

Those of a plane crashing into the lake during World War II. The pilot’s body, never to be found. And whenever there are waves, high as the beaver’s lodge, it’s the ghost of the pilot, walking around at the bottom of the lake. Moaning to get back home.

I’ve heard passive income is just as relaxing as passive stretching. So when my L.A based yoga trainer Bri invited me to become an Aligned Yoga School affiliate partner. I proudly said “Yes!”. Not to make money (that’s a nice side effect) but to promote a business I trust.

Bri’s YTT changed my life from fuck to luck.

Ready to flow on your mat and through life? Sign up for Bri’s training. (side note: it’s eye candy for the minimalists among us)

Extra style points, if you do so by using this link.

I spent ⅓ of my life in Denmark. Which not only makes me sound very old. But also very experienced.

I moved there to study. Dipped my toes in the water. Fell in love. Fell out of love. Went to the mountains to ski. Dipped my toes in the snow. Fell in love? to be continued… 


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